From mid May Kirkharle courtyard is my new base for lessons, workshops and much more. Below you will see details of 1 to 1 lessons, group workshops, photography social and drop in sessions. You can still have lessons in other places such as Hexham or Consett but Kirkharle is such a beautiful and peaceful place so I encourage you to give it a try! It has a fabulous coffee house too. 

To celebrate my move you can buy guft certificates at a special offer price for photography lessons at Kirkharle. These will save you some money! Buy a voucher and use it at your convenience as they have a 10 month expiry date on them. <click here>

Photography lessons at Kirkharle Courtyard.

A beautiful place for a lesson and for some peace and calm too. My 1 to 1 photography lesson tailored to your needs. Whether you use a phone camera, small camera or a camera with different lenses, the lessons that I give are tailored to your needs. They are practical and fun. Book a single hour or treat yourself to something longer. 

1x 60 minute 1 to 1 lesson £35 (Pay for 3 sessions for £80). 

Half day session including tea/coffee and cake £95 (10-1 or 1-4). 

Full day 10-4 £145 Includes a 1hr break. Bring a picnic or treat yourself to lunch in the coffee house. Relax for an hour and have a break from me! 

Junior 1 to 1 lessons 4 x 40 minutes £60

Gift vouchers are available for all the lessons that I do. 

To book email me at [email protected] Whatsapp or call me on 07813609665. Find me on Instagram @Sarah_Loveland and on Facebook as Sarah Loveland Photography

Workshops at Kirkharle

Small friendly group workshops where you won't get lost or left behind. There is something for everyone. 

Love your phone camera photography workshopSunday 22nd May 10.30-12

£15 per person. It doesn't matter whether you are an iPhone or android user. Come and have some fun with your phone camera and learn to get the best from it.  I will show you how to get creative shots plus how to do a quick edit on the go. Take pictures you love and are proud of. 

Photography workshops for Kids Saturday 4th June

£8 per person. There are two sessions aimed at different ages. Under 13's and over 13's. If your junior photographer is 13 they can choose which session they would be happiest in. They can use a camera or their phone/tablet. Cameras are not provided. We will have some fun photographing things we see every day and seeing how creative we can get.  If you have a photographer in the younger age group and they would prefer that you stay and watch you can do. If you want to go off for a wander you can do that too. Please click on the appropriate time slot below to book. 

Click here to book on 09.30-10.15 Under 13's

Click here to book on 10.30-11.15 Over 13's

Mystery box photography workshop. Two dates available. Click on the date to book. £15. We have had  lots of fun in the past with secret challenge packs on zoom and now we are going to do a mystery box workshop. It doesn't matter whether you use a camera or a phone camera and it doesn't matter how little or how much you know. In this workshop you will be given a box containing some items. When I say open the box you will be able to open it and we will have some fun photographing the different items. I love this type of workshop. It is relaxed, fun and at times a bit random. 

Click here to book Saturday 11th June 3-4.30pm

Clcik here to book Friday 17th June 10.30-12

My camera scares me workshop £15

If you are new to photography or you have a new camera with loads of buttons and dials it can be intimidating. I love doing lessons where in such a short amount of time I see someone go from worried about pressing the wrong button to enjoying using the camera. This workshop is for you. There is no need to worry about a thing. It really doesn't matter how little you know. Just make sure that your camera is charged and that you have a memory card in it to take pictures. If you are stuck let me know. There are two dates for this so book on the one that is best for you. Click on your chosen date to book. 

Click here to book Sunday 5th June 2-3.30pm

Click here to book Friday 10th June 11.00-12.30

My camera hates me workshop £15

Sometimes we find we have fallen out of love with our camera. We are seeing a picture and the camera isn't capturing it how we see it. We are getting frustrated with it and it's just not fun! Let me help. In this workshop we will be looking at where you are at with your camera, what's going wrong and getting back to taking pictures we love. It doesn't matter what type of camera you have.This workshop is great for learning a bit more about your camera and getting unstuck. Get back to loving taking pictures.  There are two dates so pick the date that works best for you. It's £15 per person. Click on the appropriate date to book. 

Click here to book Saturday 18th June 10.30-12

Click here to book Friday 24th June 11-12.30

Cameras and cake!

A bit of a photography social! Some themed photography fun followed by coffee (or tea) and cake! 

Provisional dates and prices to be confirmed. 

28th May 2.30-4pm

25th June 2.30-4pm

To book email me at [email protected] Whatsapp or call me on 07813609665. Find me on Instagram @Sarah_Loveland and on Facebook I am Sarah Loveland Photography

Drop in sessions/open studio

Pop along and see where I am. Stop for a chat and if you have any questions about lessons and workshops you can ask away. You can also buy things like my book, project booklets and challenge packs too. Here are some dates to start with. 

Friday 20th May 10-12

Sunday 22nd May 1-3pm

Tuesday 24th May 2-4pm

Sunday 5th June 11-1

Find me....

I am at No 6 the Stone Barn. Look for the little set of stone steps on the outside. 

Please note there are steps inside to get up into my workshop space. 

The postcode for Kirkharle Courtyard is NE19 2PE

Photo shoots

You will be able to book a fab outdoor photo shoot for family groups or children. I will be doing baby photo shoots in my unit too. More details coming soon.