Family phone photography explorers

I want to be a phone photography explorer!

Exploring with my camera is something that I absolutely love. You start to see things differently and it's so much fun. Family phone photography is something that the whole family can do.

There are 5 challenges to do and in each challenge there is a video explaining what you need to do. In the first one I teach you how to take great pictures with your phone so that when you are doing the others you can all have fun taking great pictures. 

You can do this inside or out. If you are stuck at home and you want to have some creative fun this is just the thing. It's also a skill ( don't tell the kids that). Once you learn how to take great pictures you will always have that! 

It's just £9.95

When you join you will get an email with your log in details to access the content. (The emails are from simplero). 

If you want to join the private Facebook group and share your pictures with me you can do. 

Let's have some fun exploring the things around us, whether we are stuck indoors or out and about. 

I want to be a phone photography explorer!