Fun free photography challenges

I believe that photography can be fun for everyone and in the challenges I do via my Facebook page everyone has lots of fun. Not everyone is on Facebook though so this year I am adding the free challenges to this page so that more people can have a go. You can use your camera or your phone camera. Why not challenge you family and friends. 

2021 Find it challenge

Each month I will give you three things to find and photograph. At the end of the three months you'll have all the things for a mini grid and by the end of the year all 36 things. 

Here is are the lines for January, February and March.  FInd and photograh these things. Have fun! I will add the next line at the start of next month. 

Sarah x

Here are the lines for April and May. 

Below is a video showing you how you can create your a grid of pictures on your computer using canva. 

The video below shows you how you can create a grid with your pictures using the Layout app (by Instagram) on your phone. You don't need to have Instagram.