Take great pictures with your phone

Our fab phone course is now available as a self study course. This means that you can do it anytime and at your own pace. Once you have signed up you can dip in and out of it when you like. 

It's full of tips on photographing all sorts of things from items, getting interesting shots out and about, people, pets and how to take those selfies that you love.  

Athough it is a self study course you are not on your own. If you get stuck there is a Facebook group that you can pop into and I can help. 

When you are using your phone camera, how you edit your pictures makes a massive difference. My favourite app is Snapseed and in this course I will show you how to quickly and easily edit your pictures as you go. 

Have more fun with your phone camera and unleash it's photo power.  It doesn't matter if you are iPhone or Android. Charge your phone, sign up and dive straight in! £39.95

To sign up ...