Photography lessons by email

Sometimes in your photography you may need specific help with something but not live nearby. You would love a bespoke lesson to iron out some things but you're too far away or tight for time during the day. If that is the case our new photography help by email could be just the thing for you. 

How it works...

It's tailored to your needs so that you can get the best out of it. 

It is designed to improve 1-2 areas of your photography rather than teach you everything in one go. If you want to build on what you have learned in an email lesson you can book further lessons. 

It's also great for feed back on your images when you want to know how you coulf strengthen an image. 

The process

There are 5 emails in total from me, start to finish.

When you sign up for photography help by email I will send you an email to ask some questions. That will help me to assertain what kind of camera you're using, the settings that you're using, what you like taking pictures of and what you would like to be able to take pictures of. For example, a dog walker may want to be able to take better action shots, a parent may want to be able to take better pictures of their children, an individual may want to be able to get blur in the backgroud or to be able to take better pictures of the birds in their garden.

Once I have the answers to your questions I will send out email 2. 

Email 2 will set you a task based on your answers from email 1. Have fun with it!

Once you have completed that task, email 3 will give you some pointers, help, and your second task.

Email 4 will once again give you guidance and help based on your task 2 pictures and ask you some questions to help you further.

The final email (number 5) will respond to your questions from the last email and give you some advice moving forward.

In an ideal world the whole process should be completed within 30 days. Having a time scale to complete things in really helps us to progress and also it helps me to keep track of all the fab photographers that I'm helping via email.

Does it matter what kind of camera I have?

No, you can use any camera and even your phone. It helps if you are comfortable emailing and can email pictures. 

How much is it? 


Once you sign up you will receive email one within 48hrs. 

Yes please I would like photography help by email