Online creative masterclasses

In addition to our stuck on auto and product photography online courses, we now have 2 fun creative masterclasses for you. These are now included in the stuck on auto course so if yo have that you don't need to buy them again. If you aren't stuck on auto but would like to have a go, have a look at the details below. 

These are online and when you sign up you can do the class at a time that suits you. The class have short videos showing you what you need to do and giving you ideas on how to be more creative in your photography. You can download the videos to keep and look back at whenever you like! 

You can buy a single class or we have some great bundles with fab savings. 

  Masterclass One - Photographing details   

This class is suitable for any level and any camera. You can even use your phone. 

I love photographing the details in things that people rush past. I love to see the beauty in the ordinary.

In this online class watch the video tutorial where I am out and about in my camera, photographing a number of different subjects from walls, to flowers. This class is designed to give you more ideas of things to photograph. 

Price: £15

See further down the page for special offer bundles. If you have a DSLR or bridge camera and you are on auto, check out the are you stuck on auto course so that you can get more out of your camera and more blue in your shots. 


 Masterclass two - water droplet dispersion, splashing droplets & moving water.

There are three parts to this masterclass. 

Part 1 water dispersion. You can do this with any camera. 

Part 2 splashing droplets. You ideally need a DSLR  or bridge camera with either a pop up flash or a bridge camera. We use the flash to freeze action.  A tripod is also a good idea. 

PART 3 moving water. Using shutter speed to freeze action or to create that cloudy, smokey water type effect. For this part you either need a camera that lets you change the shutter speed or that lets you change the ISO causing the camera to change the shutter speed. If you have any questions about this just ask and I will tell you whether your camera is suitable. 

As with the other masterclasses this is online and you can watch the videos at a time that suits you. 



See towards the bottom of the page for bundle special offers.