Small product photography

You can take great product photographs on a budget!

Are your pictures doing your products justice?  If not, then we can help. Often small businesses are on a tight budget and need to do their own product photography. We can help you do this so that you can take great product images. 

One option for you is to have a 1 to 1 lesson in the studio for just £25. Alternatively if you need us to come and do a lesson where you work it is £40 for 90 minutes. 

The other option is to join our fab online course. For details see here...

If you decide that you would rather we did your product photography we can give you a price for this and provide you with digital images. 

Don't forget we can photograph you too so if you need pictures for your website or social media then send us a message for prices.


Our great new online course. Launching 28th February 2017