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How to Choose a photographer

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People often assume that if they need pictures taken any photographer will do. A photographer can photograph most things because they understand how a camera works but that doesn't mean that they will get the best out of the situation. That takes experience, additional skills and maybe also natural ability. This is why people who are good at what they do, specialise in their chosen field. A top Wedding photographer sticks to Weddings and you won't find them lying in a field trying to photograph a clients dog. A pet photographer has chosen to be a pet photographer because they know how to get the best type of pictures of your dog. I'm a baby & children's photographer. That's my speciality, that's my area of expertise and I love what I do. The point I'm trying to make is that you want the best pictures you can get for the money that you want to spend so seek out the best person for the job!

The next step is to the have a look at examples of the photographers work. The easiest way to do this is to look at their website or maybe on their Facebook page. Photographers have their own style so it's better to find one that you like the look of rather than just picking one and assuming they will get the look that you are after.

Places like the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers are good places to look. I'm listed on there because I do baby & Children's portrait photography. I'm qualified to LSWPP level with them. Does the photographer that you have chosen belong to any societies like that?

If you have a look at the photographers Facebook page you might be able to read comments by the photographers clients.

Once you have narrowed down your search or think you have found a photographer that you really like, then think ask about prices. You don't need to know the prices of everything you could have but get a rough guide so that you know what kind of things you are looking at. Some studios might give you a special offer to get you through the door and then you find that everything else is more than you wanted to spend.

A photo shoot should be a fun and relaxed experience and something that you enjoy. Those pictures are capturing precious memories and you want to love them for years to come.



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