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My star, Scooter the Bedlington Terrier

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As many of you know I have three dogs, one of which is Scooter the Bedlington Terrier. People love Scooter wherever we go. One morning I had the TV on and saw that the programme This Morning was running a competition to find a dog for the dales. The winning dog got to feature in an episode of Emmerdale. I thought; why not give it a go! I didn’t really think that we’d get anywhere but all we had to do was submit a video clip so I entered anyway.

I was very surprised a few weeks later to receive a phone call from ITV. 600 dogs had entered and Scooter had made it to the final 5! The next stage was to go to the Emmerdale village set to see how the dogs got on with cameras, lights and how they performed for other people. Off I went all nervous and excited. It was a freezing cold day.  I was asked questions on camera and scooter had to do a trick in front of the panel of 3 judges. At the end of the afternoon we all had to go back into the village hall and face the three judges. Three of us were asked to step forward and were then told that we were in the final! I couldn’t believe it.

The next thing that happened was that a cameraman came out and filmed us at home. All the filming was edited down and put on the ITV This Morning website for people to see and vote. The film clips were also shown on the programme each morning. It was very odd seeing me on the TV!

Off we went to London for the final. We travelled down on the train where we were recognised by a couple and spoke to a couple of other people.  We had a nervous night in the hotel and I don’t think I slept much at all. The next morning whilst waiting for the car to come, a Japanese lady was trying to discretely take a photo of Scooter. I moved him into a better position and said it was ok. The next thing I knew there were about 10 other people taking pictures. It was very surreal.

At the ITV This Morning studio we had to do some filming in the hub.  I had to get Scooter to sit on a chair and put his paws on the desk so that it looked like he was using the computer. We had a nervous wait in the green room as the winner was going to be announced live at the end of the programme. Scooter enjoyed hanging out with the other two finalists Spike and Buddy. They met lots of people and got lots of fuss. Robin Cousins from Dancing on Ice walked in and said that he wanted to meet Scooter as a friend of his had seen him on the train and told him how great he was.

We then had to go into the studio where they announced the winner. Unfortunately Scooter didn’t win but he is a star to me. I’m really proud of how well he has done.  We got recognised at Durham station on the way home. It has been an amazing experience and something that I have really enjoyed. I certainly won’t forget that in a hurry!

Thank you to everyone that voted for us and watched us on TV. Who knows what’s next for Scooter but for now he’s enjoying being at home.

Sarah x



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  1. Thank you! Sarah x

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  2. Well done Scooter. Final 3 from 600, that's amazing. Well done to you Sarah.

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  3. Scooter certainly is a star! He's the sweetest dog, and loves everyone and everything. It's been great watching his progress in the Dog for the Dales competition - he did so well, as did you!

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