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Taking your own pictures for your business website.

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A number of years ago some of my clients who were mums, had their own small craft businesses. The items that they often produced were bespoke and they were also on a very limited budget. Initially they asked me to help with their photography and I would collect the items, take them away, photograph them, and give them back 2 days later with a CD. This worked well for items that were the same and it meant that they could get on with other things. The problem came when they had bespoke items and ideally they needed to be able to finish making the item, photograph it for their records, pop it on their website as an example and post it out to the client. All in a very short space of time. This is how my 1 to 1workshops for small businesses came about.

How does it work?

It’s all very straightforward and stress free for the business. I go out to them at a time that is convenient to them. We have a chat about the types of pictures that they are currently taking and what it is that they don’t like about them. I have a look and make suggestions about how to improve them. We’ll then have a chat about the camera that they are using and I’ll show them how to take the best pictures with what they have. The great thing about this is if they’ve been struggling previously they can see the difference straight away.  Depending on their knowledge and how they work I might also talk to them about cropping the pictures and resizing them.

After the session, I go away and type up the points that we have discussed so that they have notes to refer back to should they need them. I’m also just an email away if they get stuck!

How much does it cost?

The current price for a 2 hour session is just £50 for businesses within 20 miles of Consett. For business further away the session will cost slightly more.

We often use the internet as our first port of call when looking for something. First impressions are important. Whether it’s on your website, business Facebook page or Twitter, make your pictures count!


 Update 26/7/12

I've written an e-booklet which is now available on Amazon. Photography For Your Small Business - How to take better pictures on a budget.

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