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New things for a new year!

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Well that’s another year over far too quickly! I like to end the year thinking of the new experiences and positive things that happened that year and planning a few exciting things for the new year to come. Being self employed I obviously have to plan work things and projects but I like to throw in a few things for me.

As you know, in 2012 I hit 40 and one of the things I did to mark this occasion was a Go Ape high ropes course with some friends.  The course contained a number of zip wires and these were a highlight. Just before Christmas I read about a zip wire challenge from the Wearmouth bridge in Sunderland. Without giving it a second thought or looking at a picture of the bridge I signed myself and a friend up for it. It’s ok, I did check with my friend first! So that’s one exciting thing to look forward to in April 2013.



In June 2012 I was driving through Windermere at the same time as the great north swim was taking place. I didn’t know anything about this and was intrigued by the crowds and number of people in the water. I read up about it when I got home and tried to forget about it. It’s been one of those things that kept popping back into my head so I have now signed up and entered the one mile event. I would forgive you for thinking that maybe I’m a keen swimmer and that a mile might not be a problem. That is not the case. My husband and friends were a bit amused when I first mentioned wanting to do it as I can’t remember the last time I did any swimming. It has to be a good 10 years since I swam up and down in a pool. As a child I grew up near to a beach and was always in the water. I loved swimming and used to go often. This seemed like a challenge that I could enjoy. I will enjoy! Pool training starts next week. I have plan, a goal and I am excited! That will be in June and I will keep you posted.

I have also bought myself a paragliding voucher. It seems my adventurous streak has been rekindled.

What’s happening work wise?  Well, 2012 saw my first e-booklet published on Amazon, and 3 photography products produced and sold on a major website.

December was so busy with sales of these and I sold far more than I could have predicted. 2013 will see the creation of more products in this range plus some other products which at the moment, I am keeping a secret! I can’t give it all away when it’s still only the end of December 2012! I will be planning some workshops and also doing a bit more writing but also of course more great baby & children’s photography offers.


Maybe there are things that you have always wanted to try. Why not make 2013 the year that you give them a go. What have you got planned for 2013?


Have a good new year!

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