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No cake for me thank you.

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Anyone who knows me knows I love cake. Awhile ago a Facebook friend sent me a link to a picture and said they immediately thought of me. The caption on the picture was ‘today I shall be in the moment but if that moment is unpleasant I shall eat a cookie’ or something along those lines. My friend was very right; it was totally me, except with me it wouldn’t have been just one cookie.

At the start of this year I began training for the Great north swim and this meant doing a lot more exercise than I was used to doing. I immediately fell in love swimming and it became a bit of a new obsession. There are worse things to be obsessed about! The downside of this was that I felt constantly tired and just didn’t have enough energy. This, for the first time in my life,made me stop and think about my diet. I needed to put in the kinds of foods to support my swimming.

With that in mind I decided I needed to make some changes, initially I wasn’t up for big changes and certainly didn’t want to give up cake! I had consultations with two different people who both had very different approaches.  The first one, with a clear everything out of your fridge and give everything up approach, just wasn’t for me. Then I met Laurie Hill. A fantastic woman, who completely understood where I was at. I didn’t have to give up everything and I felt supported. Laurie gave me the facts about sugar and the effect it was having on my body. It became very clear to me that I had been powered by sugar for a very long time and I was addicted.  I won’t go on about the perils of sugar but I have included a short video clip that is really interesting.




I could not have predicted what happened next. Something in my brain said ‘you can no longer have cake it is making you ill’ and I refused to eat anything sugary. My body went into withdrawal and it was a very weird couple of weeks where I didn’t feel well at all. My mind and body didn’t know what on earth was going on and freaked out.I can almost hear it going 'what are you doing, where is the sugar?'

Now things are starting to settle down. I'm listening to my body. I am eating great healthy things, feeling much better. The great thing about working with Laurie is that she doesn’t make me eat anything I don’t like and says that I need to enjoy what I’m eating. In the future I hope to be able to enjoy a piece of cake occasionally without any problems but that's not this week.

If you would like to improve your diet or think you need some help with your own sugar battle,  have a consultation with Laurie Hill.

Here’s the link to Laurie’s Facebook page


If I turn down your offer of cake, it might seem a bit weird coming from me but now you know why.





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