Video call camera help

Often when I do in person lessons and it's a lesson getting to know the camera or to sort out some problems that you're having with your photography, we do a lesson at the table in the studio. We talk about what settings mean and do. What does that do, what does this mean, that kind of thing. My approach is very practical and I like to show you what happens when you change a setting and we will photograph some different things so that you can see and understand what things like aperture and shutter speed mean. 

We can still do this kind of lesson by video call. Whether you want to use Facebook or Zoom we can do a lesson, unmuddle things and get creative. 

How this works...

Video call lessons are 30 minutes. In preparation for a lesson I will ask you what your camera is and any particular problems that you're having. It might be that you are a complete beginner and that is ok. I'll ask you to make sure that your camera is charged and tell you what you need and what you need to do. We will have a fab lesson and after that I will email you some summary points so that you have that to practice with in your own time. 

You can book one video call or you can pay for 3 allowing you time to go away and practice inbetween sessions. 

What kind of things can I learn in a video lesson?

We can do all sorts of things from getting off auto, to aperture and getting blur in the background, shutter speed and how you can freeze action to how you can take great pictures with your phone. There is so much we can do so that you can enjoy taking pictures both indoors and out. 

How much does it cost?

A 30 minute video call lesson costs £20 for 1 lessons, £50 for 3 x 30 minute calls. Buy your lessons below and I will contact you to book your session. 

To book your session simply email, [email protected], text 07813609665 or send me a message via social media. 

If you have any questions or you're not sure whether this type of lesson is for you just let me know. 

If you would prefer to book a slot on line you can do and we will contact you to arrange payment. To view available slots <<click here>> If you don't see the day and time that you would like please send me an email or text me on 07813609665


Pay for one video session £20

Pay for three video sessions £50