Workshops & Wanders

Saturday 20th June 2020 4pm
Following the success of our last zoom photography workshop I am putting on another. This is a fun, free online group workshop. Let's get together and have some fun with our cameras. You can use your camera or your phone.

This workshop is done from the comfort of your own home using Zoom. If you haven't used Zoom before we will all be able to see each other on the screen. If you are using a tablet or phone you can download the Zoom app. It looks like a blue background with a white video camera and is call Zoom cloud meetings.

If you would like to join but aren't on Facebook, let me know and I will let you know the link to get in. You can click on that link to get in. If your app or computer asks you, say yes to using video and yes to computer audio. During parts of the workshop I will mute your microphones and unmute again so that we can hear each other. Sometimes when everyone is unmuted it can be a bit noisy and distracting. Let's keep an open mind, see what happens and have some fun.

For this workshop you will need...
A little bit of table or worktop space, or use a chair or any free surface!
Your camera (or phone camera if you're not using it for the Zoom)
A carrot
A pair of scissors
A plug

Ok, that's it. If you have any questions let me know.
Sarah x

To book simply email or call