A new type of photography lesson!

A great way to combine learning about how to take pictures in a zoom style lesson with a session out and about. 

Part one is a 30 minute video call. This is perfect for having a chat about your photography, what you like taking pictures of, what you need help with, sorting out camera settings and teaching you more about your camera and some of the settings. Then, you are ready for part two which is an hour session outdoors at one of recommended locations. You will meet Sarah and whilst keeping 2metres apart will have fun photographing differen things and putting into practice the things discussed in your video call lesson. Sarah will be able to talk you through things and point out things that will make a great shot. 


Where can I do the outdoor (part two) bit of my lesson? 

Where we do these lessons will increase as the current situation and restrictions ease but to start with I am doing these lessons in places I know well so that we can have enough space and stay safe. Once restrictions ease and car parks open back up I will add to this list of locations. If you have somewhere in mind, feel free to email or text and ask if it's possible or not. Our current locations are as follows...

Hexham, the park and near to the Abbey

Consett, Hownsgill viaduct and telescopes on the C2C , Consett park is also great for photography

Shotley Bridge by the river (Shotley Grove Road)

Chopwell woods

(We hope to add the Quayside and a coastal location back in soon and I will update this when we can do those locations.) 

How much is it? 

This lesson costs £55 and payment is due at the time of booking or by purchasing a voucher in advance. 


Please read before booking...

Photography lesson agreement as of 15th May 2020

Your photography session is made up of two parts which take place at separate times.

Part 1 is a 1 to 1 video call session so that we can have a chat about your camera, settings and anything in particular you need help or guidance on. This part is 30 minutes long. Sarah will email you a link for this lesson which will be using Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before just let is know and we will help with how you use it. You can use a computer, phone or tablet for this.

Part 2 is a 1 to 1 outdoor photography wander with Sarah. This session is 60 minutes long. In this session you will be able to put into practice things talked about in the video call session.

When booking a lesson, you agree to comply with 2 metre social distancing at all times. You are responsible for your own safety and equipment. Sarah will remain 2 metres from you and not handle your camera or kit in any way. We request that if on the day of your location lesson you, or any member of your household are feeling unwell in anyway, that you reschedule. We will do the same!

Sarah will check the weather the day before your outdoor lesson and contact you to reschedule if it looks wet.

Payment is required at the time of booking and is £55 for this type of 1 to 1 lesson.

Let’s keep each other and our families safe and have some fun with our photography.

You can vouchers now but these lessons will be bookable from 1st June onwards. Vouchers have a 10 month expiry date on them. 

Many thanks,

Sarah Loveland Photography

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