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 Designed to inspire your photography, these packs will help you to be more creative, improve picture composition and have fun with your camera.

These packs can be used by anyone, with any camera. They are not about the technical side or camera settings, they are designed to help you get creative with your photography. They are suitable for any level.

Each pack contains 4 themed cards, a little notebook and pencil to jot down ideas.

These packs are a great gift for anyone that loves taking pictures. The packs are £9.95 each but you can order packs one, two and three together for £25.

Have more fun with your photography!

Pack one is all about the details. This pack includes cards on the following themes: textures, lines & curves, patterns and colour. £9.95

Pack two is about capturing things that mean something and creating pictures with more feeling. This pack includes cards on the following themes: happy, fun, calm, and love. £9.95

Pack three is about exploring nature. This pack includes cards on the following themes: woodland, water, wildlife and plant life. £9.95

Pack four is all about photographing buildigs. This pack includes cards on the following: the big picture, walls, windows & doors and details. £9.95

Location pack one - Hexham Northumberland. This is a little guide booklet full of wonderful things to find and photograph in Hexham Northumberland £9.95

You can also order 3 packs for £25. Choices are packs 1, 2 and 3 together, or 2, 3 and 4 together.

You can order packs 1-4 together for £29.95

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