Tiny weddings

Sometimes we are asked if we do wedding photography and usually the answer to this is no. This is because we are busy with lots of other things and choose not to do them.  The exception to this are tiny local weddings at Hexham House, in Hexham.  We love tiny weddings. Our wedding way back in 1996 was a tiny wedding. 

So, if you are getting married at Hexham House, Hexham and you have a small group of people there (approx 30 or less) and you would like us to photograph people arriving, the ceremony and about half an hour of photography afterwards then YES we can help and would love to photograph your tiny wedding.  A couple of days after your Wedding we will email the link to your pictures so that you can see them and show your family and friends. We will then give you a USB stick with your images from the day in both colour and b&w. The cost will be £295 (includes USB of the set of images).


To discuss your tiny wedding photography needs, email or call us. We can talk about any particular picture needs and your plans for the day.