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    Back in 2018 I was writing more than I am now and decided to have a separate blog to my photography website. I decided that they needed to be separate. Then that part of me seemed to go on a break when we emerged into the uncertainty of post lockdown life. My time and energy channelled into day to day work things instead.

    Today I found myself thinking that if my business was a shrub, the awkward straggly shoots would get pruned in order for the plant to grow bigger and stronger. That might have something to do with needing to cut the overgrown hedge at the front of my house! Ha ha. Now I’m definitely not great with plants. Two of my cactus plants have given up under my care this year already but I can see the sense in pruning things to make them stronger. Don’t panic I know you don’t prune cactus plants. In Sarah Loveland Photography It’s time to do some pruning so that things grow stronger and also so that there is space for new things in 2023.  I realise this is sounding all a little dramatic so forgive me for that! Basically, today I have taken my online courses off the website and the separate writing blog will not get renewed at the end of the year. Some things are being simplified and tidied. Nothing major in terms of lessons, photo shoots and all the usual things. Just simplifying so that there is one place with all the info for those of you that may not love social media so much.

    So although I am not a gardener I am a photographer, writer and crazy in a good way person, who recognises that in these uncertain times, some pruning and weeding can only be a good thing.


    Sarah x

    P.s If you want to check out those blog posts here is the website link. It will stay live until the end of the year. I found myself reading them earlier and they did make me smile.