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It takes time, patience and practice. It's not a quick tick box thing.

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If you are like me you and impatient, you don’t want to learn and practice, you just want to be able to do it all, perfectly, right now! Learning something isn’t always that straightforward and yet we give ourselves a hard time when we don’t know it all or can’t do it all right now. We want to tick the yes I had a lesson and now I can take great pictures box. If only it was that simple I'd tick the box to get me to the next level ha ha. 

Often when a client has had one photography lesson they go away and then if life gets busy and they don’t have time to practice they forget how to do things. That’s normal. Then they worry that they can’t say they have forgotten or don’t want to book another lesson because of what I might think. That’s your mind getting in the way. I am not thinking anything bad at all. I am happy that you are taking the time for you to learn how to do something that can make you feel so good! I know that although one lesson is fab for getting you started, you need time, patience and sometimes help to progress.

Look at it this way. If you had a piano lesson having never played before and on the first lesson the teacher taught you the notes on the keyboard would you expect to be playing complex pieces of music straight away? No, you would start simple and you would practice. You would build up. You certainly wouldn’t give yourself a hard time for not being able to play something after one lesson. You would be ok with it and know that you needed to practice. So, why do it with photography. Take your time, enjoy the journey! We are all continually growing and that goes for me too. I am practicing so that I can progress too, even though I have been doing it for years. 

Don’t ever worry about booking a lesson. Whether that’s to go over some settings or whether you need feedback or simply encouragement. I love seeing you learn and progress. It makes my day. Don’t deny yourself the joy by staying stuck. It’s supposed to be fun after all!

 Sarah x

p.s Here's the link if you want to treat yourself or someone you love to a photography lesson voucher.

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