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On workshops and wanders we have fun, they are relaxed and everyone feels better afterwards! It's the right mix of creating a place for people to do their thing but also being there to chat, help and encourage. I wanted to create an online version and rather tham create a course where you are on your own I wanted it to be content that's easy  to listen to, things to try with the backup and support of a WhatsApp group. You get a 30 minute zoom 1 to 1 call too. I wanted it to also be something to enjoy without being on social media.

So, the online workshop has been created. 

Each month there is a different topic/theme. You join for that month. You can dowload and save the content and leave at the end of he month. At the start of he next month the content will switch over to the new topic which you can sign up for if you wish. 

I have released the January content early as it's something that you might want to dive into over the festive break. Camera calm!  It's all bite sized audio segments with little things and activities that you can try. Just a few minutes each to listen to and the activities are things that you can slot into your everyday life. I have used the calm that taking pictures gives me to balance out the stress of everyday life for a long time and you can too. It makes such a difference. You don't need to be a photographer to enjoy this topic, anyone can have a go. Use your phone camera. It's £25 and includes a 30 minute Zoom call. It's a lovely thing to do for you! 

If you have any questions send me a WhatsApp message on 07813609665. 

To join simply <click here > 

I look forward to sharing your camera calm journey in January with you. 

Sarah x

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