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  1. A year in the North East

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    It's been a year since I moved everything from Sussex to the North East. It's been a hectic year and it's flown by.  The house we moved into needed just about everything doing to it but now it's warm and dry, has a new roof, heating and new windows. It's the first time I've ever had to deal with builders quotes and things like that. It's been an experience and I don't think I've ever made so much tea. I have met some great people, lovely families and helpful people in business at networking events. I am still a reluctant networker. I have reached the conclusion that I can't sit at home and moan that I don't know anyone and not go out and try! It's not as easy making friends at 39 as when you're 5yrs old.

    I don't particularly miss Sussex. There are favourite walks that I used to love and miss now and then but I have so much to explore up here. I miss meeting a friend for coffee and lunch. I miss my old dog training club very much. They are such a great bunch and I see the fun that they are having via Facebook and I do miss it but I am getting involved in things here now.  I very much wish that my husband can sort his working situation out and be up here permanently as that has gone on longer than I expected and is not great for anyone, the dogs included. I'm sure they think it's my fault that he's not here most of the time.

    A new year, a new diary and lots of new things to try. This year I will be 40. It doesn't seem long since I was 29 and moaning at turning 30. I started the year with great intentions. I thought to myself, "right this is it. I am 40 this year and things have to change. I have to get fitter. I have to stop buying biscuits because there is no way I can be at home alone with them! I have to get out more and meet more people." I asked for zumba 2 for the Wii for Christmas. That's a laugh that is. I never want to know what I look like when I'm having a go at it. I will find the trainers I bought towards the end of last year and take them out. My fold up mountain bike will make it out of its bag and onto the Derwent walk! I will be calm and positive. I would like to get my roller blades out but need to find somewhere flat to skate. In Sussex there was the promenade. I'm not sure where I can do that here yet. I did a bit of ice skating in Newcastle during the festive period and loved that. We will see!

    I don't regret the move at all. I love it up here. I'm not sure that it's gone how I thought it would but that's down to the fact that I have filled my head with too many happy ever after type books. Katie FForde has a lot to answer for!

    It will be just how it's meant to be and will be all ok. 2012 will be a great year and I hope it is for all my family, friends, associates and clients.

    Sarah x