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  1. The summer holidays are upon us and you may already be running out of things to do. Why not get your camera out or use your camera phone and have some fun with it?

    Children are often very creative with their photography and sometimes see things from a different point of view to us. This is why I’m setting you this challenge.


     adults vs kids


    This fun little competition will keep you busy and if you want to beat the kids then you’ll need to raise your game! All you need to do is email one picture that you have taken during August 2012. For full details of what you need to do, check out the page on our website.


    If you’re stuck for ideas here are some things you could think about.


    1. A day out

    Take your camera with you when you go out.


    1. My favourite thing

    You could photograph things at home that mean something to you.


    1. My favourite colour

    What’s your favourite colour? Go for a colourful picture.


    1. My pet

    If you have pets you can have loads of fun photographing them.


    1. In my garden

    What can you find in the garden?


    1. Patterns

    Look around you, what patterns can you see? They could be something in nature or something man made.



    Have fun with your camera and good luck.


    Let battle commence!